Unspoken Words: Catfight tension in the air


Commercials how they should be: black friday catfight

Supermodels in a pantyhose catfight? that’s the way life should be, right? Well Chrissy Teigen and some friends/rivals had one good commercial for a black friday sale. more of it, dear marketing people!

A great making of with more scenes:

Autumn vs Cali: this one makes you pick sides

A lovely stocking grappling match between two sweet women. Autumn and Cali Logan duke it out in a match, that serves as a tie breaker to their 1:1 record against each other. The looks of them are so sweet yet you simply have to pick a side early on. While one side will cheer the other will get their feelings hurt. and i really mean hurt (believe me, i know what i m saying in this case lol). 

All credits go to www.dangerousvideo.com 




reason for a big smirk for Autumn fans

both girls intertwined


Link to buy & watch the video

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